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Prepare to dive into the darkest depths of the seas with the new ship simulator Nuclear Submarine inc!

Before obtaining your vessel, complete a submariner course and learn how to operate a submersible warship and its nuclear reactor. Be warned, commander, that the watercraft you control is no boat, nor a passenger ship, its nuclear potential is capable to cause a massive explosion and turn a homely harbor into a second Chernobyl! The survival of your crew is your top priority! Watch carefully for the air amount and the immersion depth, navigate deadly obstructions!

Remember, commander, you have three main indicators on your submarine:

⚓️ Battery: is the most important resource you have on your warship. Its purpose is to keep your engines running and it powers up pumps to prevent your vessel from floodings and secure the crew’s survival. Without it, your sub will be stuck in the middle of the ocean and most likely drown.

⚓️ Fuel: is the secondary resource and, it is powering up the battery on your ship in case its energy charge runs low. Later on, it will evolve into a nuclear reactor with unique gameplay, powerful enough to power up the fastest engine on high speed.

⚓️ Air: is the last but not the least main indicator on your submarine, it shows, how long your crew may survive underwater, but you can restore its amount every time you are on the surface.

The moment you have collected enough money, there are over a dozen vessel upgrade types to start with, each detailed and realistic. Install a new sonar system and a full steel hull for your warship, fill its tank with a new sort of fuel to charge the battery quicker, upgrade an engine and get ready to immerse!

After you have achieved fully upgraded submarine, new functionalities and gameplay will appear: deeper immersions, higher speed, a powerful nuclear engine that will allow you to overcome larger distances, but great power brings great responsibilities! Never forget what happened at Chernobyl and Fukushima and operate your warship with maximum attentiveness, commander! Not only your survival and that of your crew depends on your actions, but all living beings in miles around you!

Have fun playing our new simulator and please make sure to share it with your friends and to send us your feedback. Your opinion is our best source to know, how to improve and develop our game.

Good luck, Commander!

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